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Get your company on the Confident path, the trust

Choose your prefered Bridge i.e. @SPHEREs Scoring


After more than ten (10) years of working through international Companies, and in a lot of countries in Africa, Europe, USA and Asia. Special African Young Team of Managers have decided to fill the needs in a new  approach of Business, Finance, Trade and Credit Risks Assessments, after a lack of deep knowledge counted worldwide in the processes of Africa Markets and their Buyers or partners.


- Financial & Economic Studies

- Market & Environment Strategies 

- BUYERS INQUIRY, Credit Risk            Assessment for BtoB

- Certification of your Business

  & Prospects "@SPHEREs"Scoring 

- Your Position in the Market

- Brokerage in Any King of Insurance


AFRICA is the next way of the BtoB's development as everyone is saying.


But who Really know how "We" Africans are prepared to face this step in the economical environment ?


Let African talk about themselves, and you will better know who to deal with !

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